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Street Sesh 3 Description :
After the awesome Street Sesh ,now we have the new Street Sesh 3 , with even better graphical details and much more ramps and sidewalks to perform awesome tricks , with new big challenges everywhere , with the biggest collection of tricks in a game ever . More and very high speeds, bigger tricks and lot more combos will pump up your score . As in the older Street Sesh watch out and be careful not to fall down the stars or hit cars , benches etc. use handrail to pass that critical area.
Game Controls: Use arrow-keys to move. Use SHIFT+Up/Down to do nosemanual/manual. Use Spacebar to grind or combine with Up/Down to do nose/tail slide. Use Z to do 50-50 grind or combine with arrow to do more. C for lip slide . For Ollie use Spacebar or combine with Up/Down to do Nollie or Pop Shove-it. Z for Kickflip, X for Heelflip , C for 360 flip and V for Pop Shove-it. Shove-it. You can combine these keys with arrow keys to do much more tricks.
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