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Sewer Run 2 Description :
After the awesome game od Sewer Run now there is Sewer Run 2 with more features , play it and see them for your selfs . Sewer Run 2 takes you up to the hills to jump on your mountain board and race down some of the wildest open sewer outlets.Get dirty racing up to 7 boarders, taking on a slalom run, performing some freestyle moves or in a battle to the death. Downhill Dirthboarding .
Its Fun . Be first of all 7 or 3 players ! To win ! 
Game Controls : Use the arrow keys to navigate: left, right, speed up, slow down!Press Z-key and an arrow key once to start grab then any arrow key to release.Press X-key and an arrow key to perform a trick. For more information go and visit help at the menu of the game.
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