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Sewer Run Description :
Sewer Run is a 3D and trick based skateboarding or also known as dirtboarding game . It is very addicting , after you star , you just can't stop playing it . In order to play and win this game you need to be good and quick with your keyboard. The arrow keys help you to manipulate with your character left or right, but you have to be very careful because you are going downhill with very high and terrifying speeds. You can take big air of the huge ramps inside this game and while you are in the air you can make some impressive tricks. The goal in this game is that you are racing 7 other borders , and to win the first place you have to give it all you've got. To pass other borders you can collect bombs and blow other borders to wipe them out so you can get first in this downhill extreme race.
Game Controls: Use the arrow keys to navigate: left, right, speed up, slow down! Click Z and an arrow key once to start grab then any arrow key to release. Click X and an arrow key to perform a trick.
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