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Uphill Rush Description :
Uphill Rush , oh this game is all about that speed. It is a great , fun and very addicting game, and it is a great boredom killer. It contains lots of levels and modes , so you will not just finish a race and that is it , you will have fun playing it. This game provides several types of vehicles. Each vehicle race that you pick has three different levels: easy, normal and hard. You also can choose between two different modes: the first mode is racing with another player in this case is your computer , and the other mode is collecting all the stars , or as much as you can. No matter witch one you pick you will not make a mistake they are both fun to play and give you plenty of joy. If you are very good with your keyboard , this game should not be a problem to you at all. Game Controls: Use Arrow keys to move(Up-accelerate, Down-brake/reverse, Left-lean left, Right-lean right) and also control flips. With 3 flips in total you gat a turbo that you activate on the key Z.
Use Spacebar to jump.
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