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Street Sesh Description :

Street Sesh is one of the coolest games that we had to add to our huge collection of games . It is the fast and trick based 3D game that playing it will pump up you adrenaline . The main goal this game has is to score as high as possible , you can even challenge your friends on who gets the highest score. The secret to scoring a lot of points is to pull of some awesome impressive tricks that you can do with your skateboard. You can pull off some impressive tricks like ollie , kickflip , 360 flip and more. Also you can grind on the rails along the way or do something crazy like grinding the top of the buses on the street , you do not have limit , just pull of as many tricks possible to get the best score. Skateboarding is dangerous sport so watch out not to hit any cars or fall on the stairs , benches and much more.
Game Controls: Use arrow keys to move , X - for Kickflip , Z - for 360 flip and Spacebar to do Ollie .
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